Abdominal Transplant Welcome Center


Miya Ando

Urethane, pigment, resin, and aluminum

Transplant welcome center 2016 Art Integration.jpg

Original Rendering 


nancy callan.JPG

Nancy Callan
Symphony Cloud

Blown glass

Influenced by childhood, toys, and comic books, Callan fuses playfulness with a fluency in her medium to produce colorful and exceptionally well-crafted works.  She states, “While creating each piece, I try to balance the challenges of hot glass with the sense of wonder and fun I felt the first time I gathered from the furnace.  I believe play is essential, not just for the artist, but for everyone.” Symphony Cloud is a one-of-a-kind piece for the Montefiore Fine Art Program and the Welcome Center.


Aurora Robson
Ink, junk mail, and silkscreen on paper

Aurora Robson is dedicated to “intercepting the waste stream.”  Her artwork consistently repurposes waste materials and reimagines them into organically formed imagery.  Actively working to preserve the environment, Robson presents this issue in a poetic and inventive way.

Chloe Sells

Condor Wind