The Children's Hospital Innovation Lab

The CHILZone is an interactive center that allows digital technology of all types to be vetted, tested, and explored to determine the best possible implementation and outcomes for Montefiore patients and clinicians.  The Lab is also a 24/7 communication spot that asks patients to give feedback and information on the content and experiences they most need to help manage their pain, anxiety, or sedation that we can respond to in real time.  The CHILZone strives to be the place where technology and medicine learn from each other to better the patient experience at Montefiore.

Our Differentiators: A plethora of digital media programs and devises exist across technologies, a subset of which are aimed at healthcare. The majority, even of those intended for healthcare-related use, are violent (i.e. zombies, guns, etc.) or employ generic "relaxation" methods such as meditation or walking through a field. CHILZone programming will take a site-specific approach to produce experiences that are at once familiar and thrilling - and often customized. A patient at Montefiore might, from the comfort of his/her hospital bed, stroll through the New York Botanical Garden, explore the Bronx Zoo, or even walk down the street where s/he lives. 



3D Printing


Mixed Reality and The Future

Augmented Reality

By supporting the CHILZone, you bring innovation, comfort, familiarity, and healing into the hands of our pediatric patients. Thank you for joining us to help make our vision a reality - for all.