CODAworx Healing Art III features Tom Nussbaum's Starry Night

"Starry Night is a site-specific commission created by New Jersey artist Tom Nussbaum for the out-patient psychiatry practice of the Farrand Building Rehabilitation Center in The Bronx. The piece is comprised of acrylic on steel, wood and paper. The dimensions are 2 feet tall by 9 feet wide. Additional elements include four acrylic on steel sculptures that are placed throughout the waiting area of pediatrics. The artwork and sculptures as a whole create an immersive installation that welcomes patients, families, and staff everyday."


CODAworx Healing Art III features Laurel Porcari's We Are Stardust

"'We Are Stardust/Our Celestial Bodies' by Laurel Porcari @laurel_porcari … Celestial Bodies speaks to individual and unique souls that form that galaxy. The glass discs are reminiscent of portholes that look through the wall to something greater, while the patterns, both complex and captivating, encourage people to study them and their optic qualities, achieving moments of contemplation and calm in an otherwise busy and stressful setting"