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Happy Holidays from the Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection!

Artist Linda Stillman (left) and Curator Jodi Moise (right) during the opening of Say it with Flowers at the ARTViews Gallery

"To express love, Say it with Flowers" Riverdale Press Exhibition Review

The ARTViews Gallery Fall/Winter 2017 exhibition "Say it with Flowers" featuring artwork by Linda Stillman is featured in the Riverdale Press on December 1st, 2017.  The article highlights features of the exhibition as well and thoughts from the artist and Curator Jodi Moise.  

“She said, ‘They’re for God,’” Stillman recalled. “I just was blown away by this amazing woman and her gratitude for the things she felt she got from God and how her son was doing so well. She was buying flowers to put on her altar at home to thank God for all the good things that have happened to her and her son. That was really chilling.”

Almost a year later, Stillman’s exhibition, “Say it With Flowers,” is now on display at the Montefiore Medical Centers’ ArtViews Gallery, 110 E. 210th St., through Jan. 26. 

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Say it with Flowers featured in the Norwood News

At the first floor of Montefiore Medical Center’s radiation oncology department, a collection of photos stretch across the hallway featuring everyday people holding flowers. The photos, part of an exhibit, intends to calm the nerves of those whose anxiety kicks up at a center where results can be life-altering.   

The photos were taken by Linda Stillman as part of an exhibit dubbed “Say it With Flowers,” presented by the hospital’s Fine Art Program and Collection.

“You may be going to your physician for a procedure [that] you are nervous or fearful,” said Jodi Moise, curator of the program.  “Then you walk through the gallery, even if it’s for a minute and you’re transported somewhere else and hopefully your fear or distress level has been reduce.”

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Nomination for the 2017 Corporate Art Awards, Italy

The Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection has been nominated for the 2017 Corporate Art Awards.  Every year the Awards aim to enforce visibility, recognition and reputation for best practices in the collaboration between the Corporate world and the Art world.  The ceremony is Wednesday, November 22nd in Rome, Italy so wish us luck!

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Tom Nussbaum featured by CODAworx for Starry Night, an installation at Montefiore's Pediatric Psychiatry Center.

Tom Nussbaum featured by CODAworx for Starry Night, an installation at Montefiore's Pediatric Psychiatry Center.

CODAworx Healing Art III features Tom Nussbaum's Starry Night

"Starry Night is a site-specific commission created by New Jersey artist Tom Nussbaum for the out-patient psychiatry practice of the Farrand Building Rehabilitation Center in The Bronx. The piece is comprised of acrylic on steel, wood and paper. The dimensions are 2 feet tall by 9 feet wide. Additional elements include four acrylic on steel sculptures that are placed throughout the waiting area of pediatrics. The artwork and sculptures as a whole create an immersive installation that welcomes patients, families, and staff everyday."


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