A Healthy Dose of Rock


Kids of all ages wandered into the Montefiore/Moses campus cafeteria to find a full photo setup equipped with a variety of costumes and props courtesy of The CDM Group.  Thus began a whirlwind of dancing and dress up.   IVs were pushed out of the way and replaced with guitars. Colorful wigs and denim vests inspired confidence.  Smiles were seen and cheers were heard by all. The power of music and artistic freedom transformed the cafeteria into a concert hall and hospital patients into rock stars.

The results speak for themselves - these inspirational portraits are therock stars of CHAM.

Since 2007, The CDM Group has been a supporter of CHAM’s Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Program in two ways.   They provide monthly volunteer services by sending corporate volunteers who bring art projects into playrooms so patients and their families can normalize their healthcare experience by sharing fun craft groups.  They also fund a creative arts therapist who provides individual and groups sessions for our patients and families so they can reap the benefit of the visual and performing arts as part of their medical treatments.  Creative expression can make a powerful contribution to the healing process.  This exhibition brings art into the mainstream of restoring bodily, mental and spiritual health.


This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of The CDM Group.