Innovation Programs

As Montefiore continues to advance state-of-the-art healthcare, the Fine Art Program brings patients the newest in digital technology to distract, minimize pain, and showcase contemporary art in a way never done before in a hospital setting.

The Virtual Reality Fine Art Program and Collection

The first of its kind to commission fine artists solely in virtual reality and for the benefit of patients. Working with the latest technology, our program seeks to replace opioids and pain with culturally enriched, site-specific experiences for our patients like never seen before.

The Augmented Reality Collection

Working with fine artists across the country, the AR Collection purchases and commissions artworks that exist only in AR.  These pieces become a collection within a collection as patients can use their mobile devices to find a whole new world of art during their hospital experience.

Digital Programming

Medical centers can be intimidating which is why we are working with artists, programmers, and patients to optimize the hospital experience.  We provide games and apps that can let a child see a phlebotomy procedure before it happens and gaze into an MRI all while learning how medicine can work!