Billboards Hacker


Through his paintings, videos, and photographs depicting the city and sky, Billboards Hacker uses his years of research and observation of light to exhibit peaceful visuals while displaying a message about climate change. By seeing the city and sky—together with his message of climate change—Billboards Hacker seeks to remind everyone of our duty to preserve our fragile planet. All the sales of sketches and mock ups of the project helps finance the making of these murals in scale 1 live around New York and soon around the world.

In 2015, he created murals to enhance the local cityscape.  The result is two large-scale public artworks, located at 347 Huguenot Street in downtown New Rochelle.  Addressing the theme ofclimate change, each mural measures6 stories high x 18’ wide.  Impacting the entirety of a building façade, each mural invites the viewer to question: “What have I done today to…end climate change?”

Born in France, the Billboards Hacker had great exposure to master painters.  He was inspired by the trompe l’oeil style and how it could portray reality.  He studied at the Van Der Kelen Superior Painting Institute in Brussels as well as the Ateliers des Beaux Arts de Paris in France.  He has shown his artwork throughout France and the U.S., and has been highly praised by the New York Times.  He is the co-owner of R Café and Tea Boutique in downtown New Rochelle.