Claudine Nash and Carlos Monteagudo


The images in this exhibit emphasize a dialog between the visual and literary arts. The purpose of these pairings is not simply for the artwork to illustrate the poetry or for the poems to describe the art, but for these two mediums to inspire and communicate with each other. In some pieces, the creation of the poetry may have been prompted by a detail in a paintingor a feeling evoked by a particular piece of art. In others, the art was created in response to the poetry.  In each, it is the pairing of these two art mediums that make the work stronger than either art form alone.

Nash’s poetry is guided by her prior studies; beginning with Bachelors of the Arts degrees in English and Psychology from Wesleyan University, which was followed by two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Connecticut College and St. John’s University.  Common themes within her writing are loss, grief, and healing.

Monteagudo is an artist, entrepreneur, psychiatrist and environmental activist.  He is inspired by his childhood experience as a Cuban refugee, and growing up in a large family in inner city Chicago.  He is also trained as a biologist, scientist, and physician which lead to his artistic exploration into humanity and its relationship to the environment.   He is the CEO of SolarNation, an organization that utilizes the arts to raise consciousness in respect to climate change.