Elias Williams - UND: BMX in the BX


Capturing riders performing tricks, youngsters and adults experiencing the joy and freedom of riding, forging bonds and a place to call home - this is BMX in the BX.  Located in the city's oldest park, Mullaly Bikepark is 100% Bronx.  Williams' ongoing photographic series: UND: BMX in the BX aims to shatter the outlaw stereotype placed upon BMX culture and its riders through a celebration of misunderstood and underrepresented positivity. 

In the South Bronx during the late 80's, a once abandoned ice skating rink at Mullaly Park found new purpose as a bike park.  Under the direction of Victor Ortiz and fellow members of the Rad Dogs BMX crew, the transformation resulted in what is currently known as Mullaly Bikpark, NYC's first bike specific park.  Through the continued efforts of Lou Perez and Rob Ramos, founding members of UND (Underground Never Dies) BMX crew of the Bronx, the park is now recognized as a mecca of east coast DIY-style BMX.  The local BMX community continues to band together to ensure the park's future for riders of all ages who desire to continue riding DIY ramps, play music, and have a place to hang out.

"UND has cemented independence, positivity, and brotherhood as its core values," Mr. Williams said.  "For many BMX locals and regulars from outer boroughs, Mullaly is a second home.  A place to be free of negativity and amongst extended family."

Elias Williams is a documentary and portrait photographer based in the Bronx.  Focusing on long-term projects that highlight misunderstood or underprivileged communities.  Williams studies the idea of inclusion within communities.  His work has been exhibited in the LaGuardia Gallery of Art, Morris Museum, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, International Photo Festival Leiden, and published in Buzzfeed News, NBC News and The New York Times.