Jesse Sanchez


Viewing his work as a journey of self-exploration, Jesse Sanchez’s series of photographs was inspired by CD packaging from Beth Orton’s “The Other Side of Daybreak.”  He explains that “both the CD cover and the songs provided comfort to a friend and family member who was having a difficult time.  The repetition of brightly colored flowers on a black background creates an infinite space conducive to reflection.”

The “Flower Flip” series consists of digitally manipulated floral imagery which each form an individual pattern.  These patterns seem to echo eternally within their black backgrounds.  Sanchez has turned the pure beauty of a flower into an opportunity for deeper contemplation by the viewer.  

Jesse Sanchez graduated with degrees in Graphic Design and Fine Art from The Cooper Union.  Currently a board member of The Castle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle, Jesse maintains an art studio in New Rochelle’s downtown area.  Since 2012, Sanchez has worked as a creative consultant for the Municipal Arts Commission of the City of New Rochelle.