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Our Stories is an exhibition that brings together autobiographical paintings of self-taught artists who have been an integral part of ArTech, a non-profit art studio in the Bronx.  In this exhibition, 26 artists have expressed their life experiences, culture, and personal influences through a variety of mediums. A common thread that emerges is a raw, natural, and instinctive approach, very similar to traditional Folk art. Furthermore, one can sense the vivacity and assuredness of each artist to the theme of the exhibition Our Stories.


ArTech is a Bronx-based community arts center, operated by the nonprofit, AHRC New York City, located at the Howie Stone Adult Day Center.  ArTech offers professional, artist lead classes in drawing, painting, photography and cutting-edge technology such as digital art and virtual reality. Their mission is to not only provide a professional studio environment for self-taught artists, but also contribute to the rich arts and culture community of the Bronx. The ultimate goal of ArTech is for every member to have access to gallery representation and become recognized and respected artists of The Bronx.


“All of us have a story within us that adds to the

narrative of the community.”

– Dhanashree Gadiyar, Program Manager, ArTech



ArTech was made possible through a generous grant from

Senator Jeff Klein and New York State.