Radiation Oncology

Located at 1625 Poplar Street near our Weiler Hospital and Einstein School of Medicine, The Fine Art Collection worked with staff and patients to install artwork for the main corridor, gowned waiting rooms, and radiation room.


Rebecca Coles, Artist

Stamps 142 (left) and Stamps 138 (right), 2018, Handcut butterfly silhouettes

Cynthia MacCollum, Artist

After Hours, Walk in the Studio, Dip, and Dangle, 2017, Monotypes

Jaynie Crimmins, Artist

The Enlightenment Must Never Bow to the Inquisition Series, 2018, Handcut paper


Terry Klausman, Artist

Sancturn, 2016, Colored Pencil Drawing

Jung San, Artist

Contemplation Series, 2015, Nail polish on matchboxes

Fiona Watson, Artist

Songs Unsung, 2018, Archival pigment print