Shuli Sade


The Hudson Valley Collaborative

A river that flows two ways

Inspired by the Hudson River, Flow echoes the stream of life and a meditation on healing and recovery.  Commissioned by the Hudson Valley Collaborative (HVC), this collection of photographs was taken and processed by the artist reflecting the Hudson River and the historic Hudson Athens lighthouse.  Consisting of nine unique works, the photographs seeks to honor the HVC's mission to improve healthcare delivery throughout the region through a patient-centered delivery system, with expanded access of services tailored to the unique needs of Montefiore's patients and communities.  Flow, a river that flows two ways, seeks to visually connect all in the Hudson Valley.

The Centennial Building

Metro Cryptograms (Bronx)
Photographs printed on metallic paper

Multi-disciplinary artist Shuli Sade uses architecture and motion photography to explore the boundaries of two and three-dimensional art. Her photography unveils the grid of architectural rhythms that belong to large modern cities.  For this commission, Sade rode the #4 subway through the Bronx at twilight.  Employing her unique method of removing photographic information with mechanical precision, she creates a new landscape engaging audience participation.