The Bronx Artist Documentary Project


From January to June of 2014, thirty gifted photographers traversed The Bronx, visiting artists at work in spaces ranging from industrial lofts to back alleys to kitchen tables, and capturing the photographs you see exhibited here today.
The subjects of these photos – eighty other visual artists - allowed the photographers entrance into their workplaces, offering a glimpse of works in progress and providing insight into their unique creative methods.

The Bronx Artist Documentary Project grew from this simple concept of artists documenting artists into a borough-wide collaborating endeavor involving over 130 people, creating connections between individuals living in different communities, establishing partnerships with several Bronx organizations, inspiring interviews by Bronx writers, and producing a fine art book and the documentary film “Artistic Energy: The Bronx.”

This historic collaboration was launched with one goal in mind: to create greater awareness of the visual arts community in the Bronx at this time of great change.

The Bronx is evolving steadily before our very eyes and we, as Bronxites, are all searching for a viable way to move forward and embrace change while maintaining what makes The Bronx such a unique place.

The arts and artists in the Bronx are among the borough’s greatest resources. Recognizing – and supporting – the artists who work here will help reclaim this borough’s reputation as one of the great creative cauldrons of the world and ensure that its next 100 years are full of culture, beauty and the accolades it so richly deserves.