Spotlight on Montefiore

Rotating exhibition space that highlights the history and excellence of Montefiore Health System.

A Century Behind the Scenes

An introspective look at the staff of Montefiore for over 100 years.  This exhibition is a true showcase of the many duties, tasks, and jobs that go on everyday behind the scenes.  Without these individuals the hospital would cease to function and we want to thank you them for their years of service.  

Brittany Miller - The Art of Transplant

Montefiore presents The Art of Transplant, an exhibition that illustrates the evolution of transplant surgery in conjunction with a contemporary interpretation by artist-in-resident Brittany Miller. The exhibition represents the culmination of Miller’s yearlong collaboration with the Montefiore Einstein Center for Transplantation.

Montefiore - Einstein: An Extraordinary Partnership

The partnership between Montefiore and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is 50 years strong. The agreement comes more than a half century into Montefiore and Einstein’s partnership, which has resulted in centers of excellence advancing science, clinical care and education, attracting the very best students, scientists, clinicians and teams of the future.

Montefiore - 100 Years of Excellence

Sir Moses Montefiore was the most widely known Jewish leader and philanthropist of the 19th century.  Born in Italy on October 24, 1784, he spent most of his life in England, marrying into the Rothschild family, achieving great wealth, becoming sheriff of London, being knighted by Queen Victoria, and using his money and influence to protect his fellow Jews from the rulers of the Ottoman and Russian empires.